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TRAM is short for Typographic Rythm Automation Machine and is a experimental MIDI sequencer. Map a midi message to a symbol, map a set of symbols to another symbol, combine symbols into bars, combine bars into beats. TRAM features a minimalistic UI, autosave and immediate code evaluation so it's perfect for livecoding performances.

TRAM got it's name from a typographic sample based drumcomputer I wrote in 2019. I had the idea while driving the Berlin tram.

If you want to learn more, look into the manual over on my GitHub page.

Source code is open source and available on my GitHub page with a CC0 license: https://github.com/acidatm/tram

All minor updates, like bug fixing and optimisation, will not be released with a dedicated build. All new features or extensions will first be commited into the GitHub repository and will then, when there is a good amount of new stuff, be released as a larger update with a dedicated build on itch.io. If you want to stay on the edge, consider cloning the repo or watching it. If you only want to be notified upon release of new builds of major versions either follow me here or send me an email, I'll add you to my email list and you'll recieve a short notice, when a new version is released.


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TRAM-0.1.1-win32-x64.zip 76 MB
TRAM-0.1.1-darwin-x64.zip 76 MB
TRAM-0.1.1-linux-x64.zip 74 MB


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This looks and sounds beautiful!  Is there any way to turn off the reverb and add our own samples?  Is odd-time possible?  It looks like it could be.

Looks pretty, but i didn’t have a chance to try it because of some bug that doesn’t allow me to change MIDI output, so i can’t output the signal out of it.

Those are some wild shortcuts :D if it doesnt work due to those you can still click on the menuitems and also on the small buttons [M] for refresh and [</>] to switch between devices. If devices cant be detected at all and a restart doesnt help either it might actually be broken sadly :/ what os do you use in that case? and to which device are you trying to connect?

Hope it all works out and thanks for messaging :)

Seems only the menu/shortcuts were broken/missing/duplicate, the buttons should still work :) but I uploaded new builds (0.1.1) that should fix the issue with the menu :)

I’ve actually tried all of them - they are changing MIDI Input only. And the new version actually fixed this, so thank you! c: It’s time to write something (maybe) awesome :D

Glad to hear, enjoy :)