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ACID is short for Algorithms Create Image Data and is a simple video synthesizer for creating live visuals and computer generated images and animations. It works somewhat similar to an analog synthesizer with a little bit of photoshop thrown in.

ACID features a clean graphic user interface, that can be opened in a seperate window to interact with the synthesizer on another screen. ACID has built in export to PNG and JPG and can record GIFs and WEBM videos of any length straight out of the program.

If you want to learn more, look into the manual over on my GitHub page. Most of the videos on the side can be found in the presets folder, that is available for download here and on GitHub.

If you make something cool with this program feel free to message me. Also, if you post something on Instagram feel free to tag @acidatm and use #madeonACID :)

Source code is open source and available on my GitHub page with a CC0 license: https://github.com/acidatm/acid

I was enspired by the works of these people:

I originally planned to deploy a dedicated update server, so that the application could update itself. However I am not a backend person (if you are, please hit me up!) and also not willing to go through the code signing process for the various platforms, that would be needed to use update.electronjs.org. So you will need to manually install updates by simply uninstalling the old version of the software and downloading the new one.

All minor updates, like bug fixing and optimisation, will not be released with a dedicated build. All new features or extensions will first be commited into the GitHub repository and will then, when there is a good amount of new stuff, be released as a larger update with a dedicated build on itch.io. If you want to stay on the edge, consider cloning the repo or watching it. If you only want to be notified upon release of new builds of major versions either follow me here or send me an email, I'll add you to my email list and you'll recieve a short notice, when a new version is released.

New major releases (as well as new commits to the repo, if your running ACID yourself) may break old patches. In this case you may either look into the release notes and change the patches manually (it's just JSON!) or you may need to run Menubar > File > Reset Patch to empty the patch memory and load the up to date default patch.


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tried to load a gif I made in the program, it crashed, then upon trying to reopen it keeps crashing, will try an uninstall and reinstall and see if that fixes it

hi, in case you didnt figure it out yet: the program only opens the storage files, not the exported files. The storage files are currently still ending on .txt and contain a .JSON object. You cant open exported .GIF or .JPG etc. files. If the program is not working properly you can use the "File > Reset Patch" function to reset the storage. Hope that helps :)

No windows :/


Yeah, super sorry about this :/ I am developing on a Mac, and have problems with Wine and Mono to create a Windows package with electron.js. But there will be a Windows build available soon, should be a solvable problem :)

Ill download a VM or something to try it out. It's totally fine and probably worth it! 


There will be an update over the weekend which expands this version into full alpha so maybe wait until Monday ;)


Hi, with v0.1.1 comes a Windows build, hope you enjoy it!


But the sourcecode is on Github: https://github.com/acidatm/acid so you could for now run it with npm :)