ACID 0.1.1


I have updated to version 0.1.1 which adds lots of new features, fixes some bugs, comes with way nicer presets. And now has a Windows build. But this means that older patch files will no longer work. Sorry about that :/ But it's worth it, this is what's new:

  • Reworked the lpf and hpf parameters to be relative to the min and max property
  • Removed the amp parameter on all oscilators, as it's behavior can be duplicated using the max parameter
  • Reworked the amp parameter on the bus to not be able to overdrive the sum (use a drv effect instead)
  • Reworked all algorithmic oscilators to use fewer parameters
  • Added off as an oscilator type. Works just like toggling the oscilator when clicking on osx
  • Added hsl as a stand alone color mode
  • Enabled full 360 degree turning of oscilators with the mod parameter and removed the rmp oscilator shape (as its just a rotated saw oscilator)
  • Added a new oscilator shape osc, that can be faded between pure triangle over pure sine to pure square and also has pulse width modulation capabilitys.
  • Added sliders to the GUI, made number input optional, added optional buttons for minimizing, centering, maximizing and randomizing parameters
  • Made the GUI have linear values for zoom and transparency, instead of different, fixed settings
  • Removed global effects (err) and instead added two more oscilators
  • Reworked the complex 2D render engine (c2d) to have dedicated values for the radius of all corners and the padding on all sides as well as a simple 2d render engine running "below" it, to control the background color of each cell
  • Made the compressor (cmp) work in one direction only, added a new expander (exp) effect that now works in reverse to compression
  • Added optional tooltips to the GUI
  • Added automatic load of a default patch upon first (or resetted) start up
  • Added a patch reset option to clear out a faulty storage and to automatically load a default patch
  • Added a stop option, to completely disable the rerender of the scene until play is hit
  • Added a framejump option, to increment the t value, when the render is paused or stopped
  • Fixed a bug, where the GUI would jump when an input was changed
  • Removed deprecated electron.js functions
  • Added proper error handling in case of crashes
  • Did some visual changes on the GUI
  • Unused parameters are now hidden in the UI until they are needed
  • Added 10 new presets (can be found omn Github or downloaded over here)
  • Added a Windows release for the first time
  • Removed some unnecessary actions from the menubar
  • Made the windows on OSX frameless, added a destroy GUI option to the menubar, to close an undocked GUI

The next major release will take a while, but smaller updates will regularly be commited to the GitHub repository.

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Feb 21, 2021


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