ACID 0.1.2


Smaller, mainly performance oriented update. Main things that changed is that ACID now uses WebGL  and is way faster. Other big new thing is the more analog render look and feel with subpixels, dedicated color channels and simulated feedback.

 If you have been using an older version of ACID your (old) patchfiles will no longer work!!! The application might also not work as intended when you open it. You can use the "Reset Patch" or "Random Patch" function to clear out the memory.

Other things that changed:

  • A dedicated render only window can be undocked now, which makes use for VJing way better
  • Gradient color modes can now have any amount of steps
  • Additional optimization settings that can disable certain parts of the program for a better performance
  • Two new oscilators added: pwm, which is a pulse oscilator, and org which is a noise algorithm specialised for organic shape creation
  • A new random patch option in the menu
  • Keyboard shortcuts for various menu functions
  • Added analytics such as true framerate, width and height

There are also some things I removed, but some will be back later (and better):

  • Removed hsl color mode (but will be back soon, no worries)
  • Removed different render engines for now
  • Removed some unused parameters from the codebase
  • Removed some unnecessary settings in the GUI

And finally some bug fixings:

  • Reverted to old window styles on Mac OS
  • Oscilator frequency as no longer linked to resolution
  • Renderloop is now called recursive at the start of the loop, making each frame roughly equal, no matter the calculation time

If there is anything broken or not working feel free to send me an email or write a comment (or open an issue on GitHub).

And now make something on ACID :)


Debian 54 MB
Apr 21, 2021
Mac 76 MB
Apr 21, 2021
(non debian) Linux 74 MB
Apr 21, 2021
Windows 76 MB
Apr 21, 2021


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